Allah’s Names and Attributes



The Qur’an calls upon Muslims to remember Allah, the One True Almighty God, and to call only upon Him for guidance and help. In the Qur’an, Allah describes Himself to us: the Compassionate, the Merciful, the Loving, the Just. There are dozens of such “names,” or attributes, to describe the One True Almighty God in terms that we can understand. In Surah Al-Hashr (59:22-24), the Qur’an says:

“Allah is He, other than Whom there is no other god.
Who knows all things, both secret and open.
He, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.
Allah is He, other than Whom there is no other god.
The Sovereign, the Holy One, the Source of Peace, the Guardian of Faith,
the Preserver of Safety, the Exalted in Might, the Irresistible, the justly Proud.
Glory to Allah! High is He above the partners they attribute to Him.
He is Allah, the Creator, the Originator, the Fashioner.
To Him belong the Most Beautiful Names.
Whatever is in the heavens and on earth declare His Praises and Glory.
And He is Exalted in Might, the Wise.”

To fully understand the depth and meaning of all of these beautiful names, one really needs to ponder and think about them. For example, Allah is the All-Hearer (Al-Basir). Think about it – Allah hears everything, from the buzz of a mosquito’s wings, to the rustle of the wind. Every conversation spoken, every thought that you keep to yourself. Language is no barrier, for Allah understands all. To truly ponder on the majesty of Allah makes one humble.

This is what Allah calls us to do – to understand Him through His attributes and names, realize His Omnipotence and Majesty, call upon Him, and humble ourselves to Him.

In the Qur’an, Allah uses dozens of different “names” or attributes, to describe Himself to us. These names help us to understand God’s nature in terms that we can understand. These names are known as Asmaa al-Husna (The Most Beautiful Names).

Some Muslims believe that there are ninety-nine such names for God, based on one statement of the Prophet Muhammad. However, the published lists of names are not consistent; some names appear in some lists but not others. There is not a single agreed-upon list which includes only 99 names, and many scholars feel that such a list was never explicitly given by the Prophet Muhammad.

The list below consists of the most common and agreed-upon names, which were explicitly stated in the Qur’an or hadith.

  • AllahThe single, proper name for God in Islam
  • Ar-RahmanThe Compassionate, The Beneficent
  • Ar-RaheemThe Merciful
  • Al-MalikThe King, The Sovereign Lord
  • Al-QuddoosThe Holy
  • As-SalaamThe Source of Peace
  • Al-Mu’minThe Guardian of Faith
  • Al-MuhaiminThe Protector
  • Al-‘AzizThe Mighty, The Strong
  • Al-JabbaarThe Compeller
  • Al-MutakabbirThe Majestic
  • Al-KhaaliqThe Creator
  • Al-Bari’The Evolver, The Maker
  • Al-MusawwirThe Fashioner
  • Al-GhaffaarThe Great Forgiver
  • Al-QahhaarThe Subduer, The Dominant
  • Al-WahhaabThe Bestower
  • Al-RazzaaqThe Sustainer, The Provider
  • Al-FattaahThe Opener, The Reliever
  • Al-‘AleemThe All-Knowing
  • Al-QaabidThe Retainer
  • Al-BaasitThe Expander
  • Al-KhaafidThe Abaser
  • Al-Raafi’The Exalter
  • Al-Mu’izThe Honorer
  • Al-MuthilThe Humiliator
  • As-Samee’The All-Hearing
  • Al-BaseerThe All-Seeing
  • Al-HakamThe Judge
  • Al-‘AdlThe Just
  • Al-LateefThe Subtle One
  • Al-KhabeerThe Aware
  • Al-HaleemThe Forebearing
  • Al-‘AzeemThe Great One
  • Al-GhafoorThe All-Forgiving
  • Ash-ShakoorThe Grateful
  • Al-‘AliyyThe Most High
  • Al-KabeerThe Great
  • Al-HafeezThe Preserver
  • Al-MuqeetThe Maintainer
  • Al-HaseebThe Reckoner
  • Al-JaleelThe Sublime One
  • Al-KareemThe Generous
  • Ar-RaqeebThe Watcher
  • Al-MujeebThe Responsive
  • Al-Wasi’The Vast
  • Al-HakeemThe Wise
  • Al-WadoodThe Loving
  • Al-MajeedThe Glorious
  • Al-Ba’ithThe Resurrector
  • Ash-ShaheedThe Witness
  • Al-HaqqThe Truth
  • Al-WakeelThe Trustee
  • Al-QawiyyThe Strong
  • Al-MateenThe Firm One
  • Al-WaliyyThe Supporter
  • Al-HameedThe Praiseworthy
  • Al-MuhseeThe Counter
  • Al-Mubdi’The Originator
  • Al-Mu’eedThe Reproducer
  • Al-MuhyiThe Restorer
  • Al-MumeetThe Destroyer
  • Al-HayyThe Alive
  • Al-QayyoomThe Self-Subsisting
  • Al-WaajidThe Perceiver
  • Al-WaahidThe Unique
  • Al-AhadThe One
  • As-SamadThe Eternal
  • Al-QaadirThe Able
  • Al-MuqtadirThe Powerful
  • Al-MuqaddimThe Expediter
  • Al-Mu’akh-khirThe Delayer
  • Al-‘AwwalThe First
  • Al-‘AkhirThe Last
  • Az-ZaahirThe Manifest
  • Al-BaatinThe Hidden
  • Al-WaleeThe Governor
  • Al-Muta’aliThe Most Exalted
  • Al-BarrThe Source of All Goodness
  • At-TawwaabThe Acceptor of Repentance
  • Al-MuntaqimThe Avenger
  • Al-‘AfuwwThe Pardoner
  • Ar-Ra’ufThe Compassionate
  • Malik Al-MulkThe King of Kings
  • Thul-Jalali wal-IkramThe Lord of Majesty and Bounty
  • Al-MuqsitThe Equitable
  • Al-Jaami’The Gatherer
  • Al-GhaniyyThe Self-Sufficient
  • Al-MughniThe Enricher
  • Al-Maani’The Preventer
  • Ad-DaarrThe Distresser
  • An-Nafi’The Propitious
  • An-NoorThe Light
  • Al-HaadiThe Guide
  • Al-Badi’The Incomparable
  • Al-BaaqiThe Everlasting
  • Al-WaarithThe Inheritor
  • Ar-RasheedThe Guide to the Right Path
  • As-SaboorThe Patient

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