Allah ‘s says in The Torah for remembering him.

These Poem is based on Allah’s love and his workmanship,This Poem was translated from ancient Allah ‘s Book’ Torah’ from Suryani (Hebrew ) language to Arabic by Hazrat Abduallah Ibn -e- Abbas ,and by reading it, We develop a love for Allah.

Call me anytime and become mine,

I am closer to your life line.

If you keep, the need for other,

I am no where for you, either.

My subject, I can institute destruction,

Be frightened of me, follow my instruction.

Should pass your day night as I decree

If needing clearance from me.

I am always your admirer great,

Be you in the city or residing in a desert,

Superior is my control on my terrain,

Can throw off King in my domain.

Make me your request ; Oh my subject,

Don’t idolize any order is my object.

I, the supporter of all livings things.

Can abolish in seconds, all things.

My bounties for you are unlimited,

But favor from your dears are restricted.

I take care as provider day and night,

In sickness, I heel you alright.

If faced with vulture, you are suppressed,

Wail to me if you are oppressed.

I am the one who helps the suppressed,

Can destroy the tyrant, he is disgraced.

If beseech, my relief will be immediate,

I won’t postpone the judgment , will operate

The sea of my successor is booming,

It’s illiteracy, if you are doming.

Wake up in the middle of the night,

And talk to me regarding you plight.

Always, you will find me closer to you,

With all my affections, I will listen to you.

My subject, my name is The Great Merciful,

Feeding everybody, I , The Great Bountiful.

For humans, birds and all creature,

I am providing appropriate nurture.

Forget yourself and go down , beseeching,

Stand requesting and mourn appreciating.

Thus Beseech prayers will be accepted,

Unaccomplished tasks will be effectuated .

Sad ones, if call me out of grievance,

MY Lord ! misfortune is in abundance.

I reply, here I am to help, all ready for you

Will abolish mountain of calamity, for you.

My subject, why sleeping, get awakened,

Coming forward is hell fire, get frightened.

My authority remains for your clearance,

No other resource can give endurance.

All Worldly Kings are my subordinate ,

Either Present today or are absent.

For me ,they are , mere sweepers,

Even though, are Sirs of their keepers.

When air of abolish ever have moved,

All vanished be forest sea past have proved

But my kingdom will always last,

Please do explain to non-steadfast.

For Muhammad S.A.W.S. is the light,

Which is always close to my sight.

For he (S.A.W.S.) shows light , is the Guide.

I,The Present ,My love for him (S.A.W.S.) wide.

He (S.A.W.S.), when the doom will crack,

Will ask for liberation of human folk.

No doubt , I do love him the most,

So will I bestow him the most.


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